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Books about Gen. Jackson

From Deo Vindice Books

Lt. Colonel G.F.R. Henderson Stonewall Jackson and the American "CW" (Price $20.00 Postpaid)

First appearing in 1898, this work immediately received praises as the finest work on General Jackson's military career. Henerson was a British Army officer with great insight into military strategy and tactics. However, this is no dry military sketch but a brilliant account of Jackson's life and character. Two Volumes in one, over 500 pages. Hard Back with Dust Jacket.

Robert Lewis Dabney Life & Campaigns of Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Price $30.00 Postpaid)

Written during the War by Jackson's chief-of-staff during the Valley Campaigns, Major Robert Lewis Dabney, paints an illuminating and affectionate picture of the great man of God and brilliant soldier. Jackson's first biography and commissioned by Mrs. Jackson. Large 742 page volume. Cloth Bound.

Mary Anna Jackson Life & Letters of Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson by His Wife (Price $30.00 Postpaid)

Publisher in 1892. Written by his wife, this book takes a more personal at Thomas Jackson. It was written to serve as a companion volume to Dr. Dabney's work. Indeed, the above "Trilogy" will give everyone a good education on General Jackson. 479 pages plus Appendix. Cloth Bound.

Allen Tate Stonewall Jackson: The Good Soldier (Price $11.00 Postpaid)

His courage at 1st Manassas saved the Confederate army and earned him his enduring nickname. In the brilliant Shenandoah Valley campaign his outnumbered men marched with such speed that they were henceforth known as "foot cavalry." At Chancellorsville, Lee used him to execute his most daring tactical maneuver of the war. His untimely death was a loss from which the Army of Northern Virginia never recovered. In this fast-paced biography of one of the South's ablest (and most enigmatic) commanders, Allen Tate portrays the qualities that made "Stonewall" Jackson the warrior whom Lee would mourn as "my right arm." It is a rich and dramatic account that should interest any reader of American biography or the War Between the States. Part of the Southern Classic Series of K.S. Sanders & Company.

James I. Robertson The Stonewall Brigade (Price $11.00 Postpaid)

One of the most famous brigades in American history, and indeed the most renowned in Confederate military history. It was initially called "Virginia's First Brigade" and later "Stonewall's Band," "Jackson's Foot Cavalry" - but most prominently "The Stonewall Brigade." Here for the first time is the full story of the Stonewall Brigade, recounted insofar as possible by the members themselves. No effort has been made to conceal the brigade's shortcomings or to overlook its military sins. A confidence gained on many battlefields as a result of hard-won victories gave the unit a cockiness that, to say the least, sometimes hampered its discipline. It was an exceptional brigade, but by no means a perfect one. Yet its weaknesses, when viewed against its achievements, are so negligible that it does stand out as the model brigade, which Douglas Southall Freeman termed it. 271 pages, Paperback.

H. Rondel Rumburg Stonewall Jackson's Verse (Price $14.00 Postpaid) A delightful book on the Christian character of Jackson with a large appendix of tracts and a nice bibliography. 147 pages. Cloth Bound.

Mary Williamson A Confederate Trilogy For Young Readers (Price $25.00 Postpaid) Stonewall Jackson for children (and great reading for adults as well). Also includes Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart (Three Volumes in One). Large Cloth Bound book with glossary.

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