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Books About Nathan Bedford Forrest

From Deo Vindice Books

John Allan Wyeth
That Devil Forrest
(Price $18.00 Postpaid) Grant called him "that devil Forrest." Sherman, it is reported, considered him "the most remarkable man our 'cw' produced on either side." He was unquestionably one of the war's most brilliant tacticians. Without military education or training, he became the scourge of Grant, Sherman, and almost every other Union general who fought in Tennessee, Alabama, or Kentucky. He was Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Forrest fought by simple rules: he maintained that "war means fighting and fighting means killing" and that the way to win was "to get there first with the most men." His cavalry, which Sherman reported in disgust "could travel one hundred miles in less time than it takes ours to travel ten," secured more Union guns, horses, and supplies than any other single Confederate unit. He played pivotal roles at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, the capture of Murfreesboro, the Nashville Campaign, Brice's Cross Roads, and in the pursuit and capture of Streight's Raiders.

Forrest comes alive on the pages of John Wyeth's biography. First published in 1899, That Devil Forrest is based almost entirely on accounts of those who knew Forrest personally and on contemporary military papers and records. It is the single greatest source of primary material on Nathan Bedford Forrest.

"This biography, like its subject, has few peers." -- Earl S. Miers (New York Times Book Review)

Andrew Nelson Lytle
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company
(Price $13.00 Postpaid) In Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Southern man of war, Andrew Lytle finds the quintessential Christian warrior "fighting for the traditional element in our society." With limited resources to command, Forrest led his outnumbered men to victories that still astonish students of military history. Asked who was the greatest soldier to serve under him during the war, Lee replied, His name is Forrest."

One of the original Southern Agarians, Tennessean Andrew Nelson Lytle has written four novels, the memoir A Wake for the Living, short fiction, literary criticism, and numerous essays critical of the times. Mr. Lytle passed away recently. You may read about it in the Southern Partisan

"Andrew Lytle's biography of Forrest, away back in the early Thirties, was the first I read, and it has retained its place in my affections ever since." -- Shelby Foote

Captain Eric William Sheppard
Bedford Forrest
(Price $35.00 Postpaid) Considered by many to be the foremost biography of Forrest by a Captain of the Royal Tank Corps. Photo, six maps, 320 pp., Acid free paper, Cloth Bound.

Edwin C. Bearss Forrest at Brice's Crossroads and in North Mississippi in 1864
(Price $35.00 Postpaid) This book of some 382 pages is a gigantic study by Edwin Bearss. Indexed with photos, 7 maps by Barbara Long, and biographical sketches of Federal and Confederate brigade commanders. Cloth, Acid free paper, Hand Bound.

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